We were tailed by a Romanian car in France - what were they up to?

Whilst returning from our holiday and driving to Calais, we noticed that a car with just one headlight working had been following us for about 60 miles. For the next 20 miles or so, it started to tailgate. In order to shake it off we overtook other cars, but it did the same. If we slowed down, it did the same. With no petrol station in the vicinity we indicated that we were taking the slip road to a small village. It did the same. Changing our minds, we joined the main road, it did the same, coming so close that I feared a crash. In desperation I climbed into the back seat and took photographs. This immediately prompted the driver to back off, then overtake us and disappear. In these circumstances what should one do? The car was an aged Ford Fiesta, Romanian registered. Please advise, as we make these trips quite frequently.

Asked on 23 November 2013 by SBM, via email

Answered by Honest John
No idea what they were up to. Perhaps preparing to rob you if you stopped. I was on the same roads on Wednesday. Didn't notice any such thing. That said, the Belgian traffic police seemed exceptionally active, so you should be safe on the Belgian stage of the journey.
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