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Evans Halshaw Warranty - does it cover my DMF?

I bought a Saab 9-3 Vector 1.9TID in June last year. It is a 2008 model with 78,000 on the clock.

I took extended 2 year warranty out with it when purchased from Evans Halshaw Stockport.

I have done 4,000 miles since and not due a service for another 3 months.

Recently had a knocking noise when car is idle but went when clutch was pressed. Had it diagnosed by Saab as the dual mass flywheel.

Took it back to Evans Halshaw Friday. They could not diagnose the problem so I have had to pay £78 for them to send car to a SADB dealer to be diagnosed.

It came back as the DMF and injector problems. They have contacted the warranty who have told them to drop the gearbox and report back.

The bill is around £350 at the moment. If they don't pay under warranty I will have to pay and the rest to put it right - around £1500.

They don't cover wear and tear parts so I'm just worried that they are going to call them wear and tear items, even though they are not on the list of wear and tear items.

Also why has it cost me £78? Because they have not got the equipment to diagnose a car they have sold a warranty for.

Asked on 8 February 2012 by warrenf51279

Answered by Honest John
DMFs are sometimes regarded as warranty claims, sometimes as wear and tear. Difficult to say how they will play it, but, of course, they will try to save themselves money.
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