Squawking clutch

I bought a 58-plate Mondeo 1.8TDCI with 8,000 miles from a Ford Direct dealer with an unlimited mileage warranty for 2yrs.

The car has been serviced at the specified intervals at a Ford dealer and is currently at 33,000miles.

The car has recently developed an intermittent noise when releasing the clutch in first or reverse gear.

I took it the local Ford garage where it was last serviced to have the problem investigated. I spoke with the head mechanic who identified the problem as clutch squawk and said that although it was a fairly rare problem, it wasn't unknown and was caused by a change some years ago in the material used in the manufacture of the clutch plate.

He stated the problem will get worse with time.

He said that he did not think Ford would entertain a warranty claim because of the mileage.

I would argue that the fault is directly attributable to defective materials used in the manufacture of the clutch plate and that Ford should replace the clutch under warranty.

Asked on 20 April 2011 by dalkey89

Answered by Honest John
Probably a failing dual mass flywheel. If the flywheel it should be covered. if the clutch it won't be.

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