What are the regulations in France for Spare Xenon Bulbs?

I've just bought a 2010 E61 with adaptive xenons. What are the regulations for carrying spare bulbs when travelling in France?

Reason I ask is that in the past, I've always carried a spare set (halogens) which I could change myself if one failed, but it states in the BMW E61 owners manual that the risk of changing xenon bulbs yourself is not advisable due to the high voltages involved. If this advice is to be followed, surely it negates the need to carry a spare set?

Asked on 19 January 2012 by Jack Regan

Answered by Honest John
What most people do is carry any old set of spare bulbs because on many cars they could not access the headlights to fit the spare bulbs anyway. There is no rule or regulation that says cars must be built so that drivers can replace the bulbs.
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