Why are the headlight bulbs on Volvo XC70s so expensive?

I drive a Volvo XC70. Nobody warned me about the cost of replacement of Bi-Xenon headlight bulbs, and in fact I had no idea it had them. For replacing a dipped headlight bulb I have been quoted the amazing figure of £307 including labour. I can’t understand a manufacturer designing such a product.

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Volvo invented daytime running lights, but regrettably used the headlights for this function. So when the car is fitted with Xenon headlights they not only blind oncoming drivers at every pothole and speedhump, they are also on so much that they inevitably fail with expensive consequences. The answer is entirely separate DRLs, either using plain lights as on the FIAT 500, or LEDs as fitted to Porsches, Mercedes, Citroens and Renaults.
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