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Power cut - Peugeot warning light?

Having recently hired a Peugeot 207, I found the car OK except for a strange complication that I fail to understand. Sitting in the car after approximately 3-4 minutes, the central display showed 'economy mode', and a small red light symbolising the battery lit up.

The electric windows, radio/cd, and nothing works until the engine is started. This is particularly frustrating if sitting in the car wanting to listen to the radio/cd, having to start the engine to get things working. Leaving it running to get the radio and everything else working seems totally stupid.

I tried every configuration of the ignition switch, buttons, switches, but could not over-ride this, and because it was a rental I had no instruction manual, but it totally spoiled the car. Is this normal, or was there a problem with this particular Peugeot?

Asked on 19 September 2010 by DL, Belfast

Answered by Honest John
This is a deliberate feature to prevent too much drain on the battery that would, in turn, increase the load on the alternator and increase fuel consumption by several mpg while the alternator recharges the battery.
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