Accident at a roundabout, who is at fault?

Yesterday I was sat at a large roundabout controlled by traffic lights. There was a 4x4 in front of me. When the lights turned green it set off as did I.

However the driver in the 4x4 car panicked seeing traffic from her right coming towards her (the traffic stopped at the lights as expected) she slammed on the brakes about 8 yards after crossing the line and I crashed into her unable to stop fully in time. She admitted fault stating she thought she had over shot the lights, panicked and did an emergency stop.

She offered to pay for the repairs to my car (broken headlight and crumpled bonet on a 14 year old Toyota Carina) privately due to the fact she did not want to lose her no claims.

What should I do? I am concerned that if it went through the insurance we could get a knock for knock and I would lose my no claims and have to pay for the damage (I am only third party fire and theft)

Do you think it is crystal clear that it is her fault?

Asked on 29 December 2011 by Mr Mcavish

Answered by Honest John
You crashed into her, so you are automatically at fault even though she caused the crash. Best to accept her offer. As soon as either of you tells your insurer both of you have to and both will have claims against your records.
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