DVLA hounding me about a tax disc I have

DVLA wrote and told me to say my 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander was not taxed. I have the tax disc, obtained by the garage I bought it from and it shows the right vehicle reg mark, it was issued by my local Post Office. Gave DVLA all the details including the cost. Two weeks later, got another 'Your vehicle is not taxed' letter as 'they cannot trace it'.

On digging further, the local PO overcharged the garage in error while doing a batch of discs at the end of July, of which this was one. Now they want me to send a colour copy of the disc, but never send an SAE - after all I am being asked to help them.

I'm fed up with trying to solve a problem between DVLA and the Post Office. As far as I am concerned there is surely no law saying my disc is invalid because duty was overpaid? Am I right?

Asked on 31 October 2011 by tof

Answered by Honest John
It is possible for you to bein possession of a tax disc without it having been paid for. I advise you to cooperate. Take up the matter of compensation with the garage that sold you the car.
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