Mechanical problem under 3 months since purchase

Bought a 2007 Freelander 2, diesel, manual with 57,000 on clock from Evans Halshaw, Sheffield on July 12 2011. I live 250 miles from dealer near Poole, Dorset!

Everything seemed fine at first. Car now makes droning/humming noise from the rear, started quietly 2 week ago, now getting very noticeable.

Local LR Specialist looked at car yesterday and has diagnosed that the rear diff is worn and making the noise.

Contacted Evans Halshaw who have made me an appointment at their closest garage which is in Portsmouth (50 miles away). This garage is a Vauxhall dealership, not a Land Rover dealership!

They are going to assess the differential noise.

If they agree to fixing under their 3-month warranty can I insist that the car is repaired by a Land Rover qualified/competent mechanic not a Vauxhall one?

And doesn't having to drive the car 50 miles each way mean that I'm being inconvenienced? (Sale of Goods mentions inconvenience)

Asked on 8 October 2011 by Whittler

Answered by Honest John
You can insist that the car is properly repaired or they take the car back and give you your money back. Nothing to do with the 3 month 'guarantee'. Everything to do with the Supreme Court ruling in Clegg v Olle Anderson (trading as Nordic Marine) 2003.
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