LV are not insuring my Dacia Duster, why is this?

My wife has bought a 2021 Dacia Duster Bi Fuel but on advising LV, our insurers, we were told they will not insure the car. No explanation. We had to try elsewhere at a much higher premium, yet the car reviews show good reliability, high driver satisfaction and now highly recommended by the motoring media.

LV no longer insuring those of us who are 80 years of age. My wife moved to AA insurance paying an extra £400 with a reminder also that there is no insurance at 80yrs. We are in our late 70s. What is going on? I had been told to expect a lower insurance premium for a Dacia.

Asked on 1 April 2024 by Lancelot2

Answered by David Ross
The insurance group that a vehicle is placed in will offer a degree of guidance towards the cost of insuring the vehicle based on all other factors being equal, but at the same time it does account for any particular weighting that an individual insurer will apply to a vehicle based on their own data. Insurers will use their own information to provide a quote based on multiple risk factors, which is why providing the same information to a range of insurers will result in a variety of premiums.

It is likely that the respective age of you and your wife is limiting the number of insurers that are willing to provide a quote, so we would suggest shopping around as much as possible and using price comparison sites to obtain as many quotes as possible.
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