Why has my car insurance increased so much this year?

My Toyota Yaris Cross insurance is due for renewal in May and I have received the reminder and although there have been no changes it has risen by £80? I have read that electric cars are being written off rather than repairing, is it the same with hybrid cars and is this the reason for the hike?

Asked on 12 April 2023 by Paul Green

Answered by David Ross
The price of pretty much everything has increased in recent months, but in terms of car insurance, renewal quotes typically do not represent the best value. Insurers play on the fact that many of their customers will accept the renewal price to avoid the effort of finding a new insurer, so they will frequently offer a renewal figure that is higher than the previous year.

The way to avoid this is to shop around. You can use price comparison sites to get quotes from a number of insurers in a relatively short space of time, and we're pretty confident you will be able to beat your renewal quote. If you want to stay with your current insurer you can call them to say you've found a better deal, and they may offer to meet that price in order to keep your business.

There is some evidence to suggest that electric cars are being written-off more readily due to the cost of replacing battery packs, but the replacement cost for hybrid battery packs is considerably less, so we would not expect this to be the cause of your premium increasing.
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