Can I use my Nextbase dashcam in my New Volvo XC40?

Last week I took delivery of my new XC40, It is a lovely car and I am sure I will enjoy a long ownership. However when I asked the dealership staff about getting them to hardwire my Nextbase dash cam in to the car they told me that Volvo will only hardwire another brand.

The brand they will use is Roadhawk which may well be ok but I already own a perfectly good Nextbase. They said that anything other than Roadhawk could be detrimental to the car's electronic systems causing problems in various areas of the car. If this happens the warranty could be affected.

To me this sounds like the Volvo dealership network trying to make a sale of their preferred product, at a cost of £200 to £300, and using scare tactics to achieve this. Would it cause any harm to the car if I were to plug my Nextbase into the dashboard 12 volt socket and continue to use it in my new Volvo?

Asked on 7 November 2023 by Paul Allerton

Answered by David Ross
It is highly unlikely that a Nextbase dashcam will cause any detrimental effect to the electronics of your Volvo, but if the dealer is saying that this could invalidate your warranty then this is probably not worth the risk. We would suggest contacting Volvo UK head office asking for an explanation of their policy, as this does sound unreasonable.
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