What is the battery life in my Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid?

I have had a Hyundau Ioniq hybrid since new, its 4 years old and has done 56,600 miles (mainly medium/long distance).

How long will it last? I think Hyundai increased the batteries warranty to life. As petrol/electric hybrids are a relatively new thing, just wondering if to keep it or to upgrade,

Asked on 11 September 2023 by PhilOpus

Answered by David Ross
Currently Hyundai advertise the warranty period for hybrid vehicles is eight years or 100,000 miles, so you are still well within the warranty period.

Owner experiences would suggest that hybrid batteries are lasting well beyond the warranty period, and the kind of driving you do can also affect the battery life. If you regularly travel at higher speeds on long journeys then the hybrid battery will be doing less work, so this could extend its lifespan.

Your car should maintain its battery health for some years to come, but you may wish to consider changing it while there is still a significant warranty period remaining.
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