SkodaYeti - diesel or petrol?

I'd like to buy a Skoda Yeti 4x4 TDI 2.0 and prefer the diesel for environmental and cost reasons. However, there's a six-month waiting list for new diesel models and the secondhand models are selling at almost-new prices.

The petrol 1.8 has only a 3-month waiting list, but I'm worried that it's too expensive to run (VED £400+ gasp!).

As I need to replace my car sooner rather than later, should I pay the premium and buy a secondhand diesel or wait three months for a petrol?

Asked on 4 February 2011 by bearmina

Answered by Honest John
The 1.8TSI 160 4WD is by far the best Yeti and by far the most fun to drive. Only 30mpg, but no diesel particualte filter problems, no dual mass flywheel problems, no timing belts to replace every four years, no EGR problems, and a water cooled turbo so that is more reliable as well. The 1.8TSI 160 was the one Clarkson tested.
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Unique styling. Solid build. Excellent petrol engines including frugal yet peppy 1.2 TSI. Good space in the back. Frugal 1.6 TDI Greenline can return 60mpg+. Much loved model.

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