Volvo XC40 - are 18- or 19-inch wheels best?

I have ordered a Volvo XC40 which is scheduled for delivery during the latter part of next month. Until recently, the ride quality of the XC40 was almost universally applauded by the motoring press.

However, reviews (including yours) are starting to sound a cautionary note about the impact of larger wheels. The XC40 I have ordered comes with 19-inch wheels as standard, and I would welcome your view on the extent to which these compromise comfort, when compared with the 18-inch alloys, fitted to most of the range.

Asked on 5 August 2022 by Ian Wiseman

Answered by Dan Powell
The Volvo XC40 is a brilliant SUV. Comfortable, easy to drive and packed with lots of useful tech, we rate it very highly. I ran one for six months on 19-inch wheels and couldn't fault the ride quality.

You can read about our time with the XC40 here:
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