Can I claim new brake discs and pads under warranty?

I purchased a car in May 2021 that had been previously registered by the dealership in March 2021.

The car went for its first service two weeks ago and they said the brake discs and pads needed to be replaced at a cost of £530. The car has done a little less than 4,000 miles!

They also said that because of variables, including the car standing for a while, it was not covered by warranty.

My stance on this is that with such a low mileage it is more likely to be a manufacturing defect.

The garage has offered a free skim and clean but the mechanic has stated that it is a very temporary measure.

Asked on 3 May 2022 by margaret bluefield

Answered by Dan Powell
If the brake discs have corroded due to lack of use then I think a free skim and clean is about as far as you'll get with the warranty claim.

Brake discs are exposed metal and will quickly rust if the car is left outside in the elements standing for long periods doing nothing. Over time the rust will eat into the disc and pit the surface (which then destroys the pads).

You can usually avoid this issue by driving the car regularly (with the pad rubbing the surface rust off).
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