I bought a car 10 months ago that already needs the brake pads changed. Is this level of deterioration to be expected?

I bought the above car from a main dealer on 15 August 2020. They stated that a service and MOT had been done and it was ready to go. The car had 24,994 miles on the clock.
Last week, a warning light came on to check the brake pads. I took it to a local garage who told me that that the front needed pads and discs, plus wire, while the rear only needs new pads. I have done 3707 miles since the purchase. What state were they in when the MOT was done on 14 August 2020 and could this level of deterioration be expected within the mileage I have done? I would welcome your help in this matter. Regards.

Asked on 10 June 2021 by Calvin Clark

Answered by Dan Powell
If the car has been standing outside for long periods then yes, because the discs will have rusted and pitted and chewed through the pads. If the damage is general wear and tear (no disc corrosion) then the brakes may have been heavily worn when you bought the car. It would then be worth raising a complaint with the dealer.
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