Mazda CX-3 blocked heater matrix - will my warranty cover it?

I have a Mazda CX-3, which I bought from new from a Mazda dealer. It has a full service history and 14,500 miles. As of the past few months the air conditioning is weak, and provides only lukewarm air. And the cold air is not really cold.

The Mazda dealer has inspected it and they tell me the heat matrix (heat core) is blocked, and will need a flush at £590 labour (including VAT). They have also told me that this procedure might not be enough to solve the issue as the heat matrix might be blocked, in which case they will need to install a replacement heat matrix at £750 labour + approx £260 parts.

I have an extended Mazda warranty, but apparently this will not cover any of these costs.

It seems crazy to me that I am facing a bill of anything from £590 to £1,600 to fix an air-con malfunction in a relatively young car.

Asked on 22 February 2022 by peter cleverly

Answered by Dan Powell
You will need to check the terms and conditions of your warranty - it will tell you exactly what is/isn't covered by the policy. You may wish to complain to the policy provider if you feel the T&Cs of the document are vague or unfair. Or you can make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, should you want to take the matter further.

You have rights for up to six years (five in Scotland) under the 2015 Consumer Rights Act. But you will need to prove the problem is linked to a manufacturing fault. This is very difficult to do on a five-year-old car.

A blocked heater matrix is usually caused by rust and scale build-up. In rare cases, it is linked to the mixing of oil and coolant (which is serious). I would expect the garage to identify the cause.
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