Insurance - £200 Premium for Tinted Windows

Renewal for my Volvo XC90 came through from Direct Line for a fraction under £500, this seemed high so I logged on to the Direct Line website to see what they'd quote for a new customer. A quote came back for less than £400.

Cut a long story short after a calling I ended up talking to the "Customer Retention Team" who explained to me that the on-line quote wasn't valid because it didn't include all the factory fitted extras included on the car which I understand. I was then told that if I was a new customer (with my correct car details ie including all the factory extras) the quote would be £590.

Enquiring further I was told if the car didn't have factory fitted dark tinted rear windows the premium would drop to just over £390. This just doesn't seem right - have you come across this before?

Asked on 10 January 2011 by XCXC

Answered by Honest John
It's completely ridiculous, but not untypical of Direct Line.
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