Is our insurance policy void?

My wife has been involved in an accident and her insurance company made an offer to settle as her car is uneconomical to repair. She has bought a new car even though she hasn't received the settlement and renewed her insurance. The DVSA informed the insurance that there are 3 points on the licence from 2015 but the insurance said that this was not a problem and renewed the policy. But today they have rang to say my wife should have informed them on her next renewal. They then imposed a premium for that period. Are they likely to refuse the claim because of this?

Asked on 4 May 2017 by Colum Doyle

Answered by Honest John
It is extremely unlikely they will refuse the claim. In fact, they cannot now as they have increased the premium for the following year. They would have to prove they would not have covered her had they known of the points on the licence. They have now taken a premium for time period prior to the incident and agreed to cover your for the next year. So yes you are still covered and all is as it should be.
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