What should I look for when buying an Audi A5 with a CVT gearbox?

I have found an 2012 Audi A5 that's covered 100,000 miles, but it does have a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Not everyones cup of tea, but are they reliable enough to consider buying? I have read that Audi have stopped using them, but only because their fuel efficiency has been superseded. During a test drive is there anything I could do to highlight any weakness in this particular car's transmission?

Asked on 22 October 2021 by Paul Herbert

Answered by Russell Campbell
Someone on an Audi forum will be able to give you specific advice, but it makes sense to ensure the car accelerates smoothly, picks up from part throttle without jerking, makes no peculiar noises and shifts gear without hesitating. Check there are no leaks from the transmission housing and it would be good to have proof of a fluid change.
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