Why is my car's tyre making a ticking noise?

I have a 2015 Focus and recently noticed a slight ticking noise from the front right tyre whilst driving. It is very faint and doesn't always manifest itself, especially at higher speeds. I thought it may be a stone or nail in the tyre but after thoroughly checking, this was not the case.

I jacked the car up and rotated the wheel to see if I could hear anything. I then noticed that there was something rolling around inside the tyre as I turned the wheel. Could this be the cause of the ticking? Is it safe to drive until I can get it to a tyre shop to get said object removed?

Asked on 13 October 2021 by Joe

Answered by Dan Powell
This reads like internal tyre damage. A piece of the TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) may have broken off. I would suggest replacing the wheel (if you have a spare) or using a mobile fitter to repair or replace the tye.
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