Excessive road noise on Ford C-MAX

I have had a Ford C-MAX 1.8 TDI. It now has 62,000 miles on the clock and recently I have noticed excessive road noise from the front tyres. My local Ford dealer says that the "alloy wheels may be slightly distorted". Tyres also wear exceptionally fast on the inner edges. Ford state that this is "normal", but I think its a design fault and wonder if there are any known "fixes"?

Asked on 16 November 2016 by Kevin GIBBS

Answered by Honest John
A 1.8TDCI is now an old car (pre-2010), so there could be a number of problems. Would be a good idea to try the back wheels on the front (same sides) and see if that cures it. Inner edge wear is caused by straddling speed blister humps.
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