Will a headlight fault result in my car failing its MoT?

I have a 2014 MINI cooper with 12,000 miles on the clock. I have had two error messages which come on every time the lights are activated which states that basically none of the lights are working. However all lights and indicators do work, there just seems to be an issue with the error messages on the dash.

I have asked my local MINI dealer to have a look at this and they claimed I had to replace the whole light unit costing £650 each. I declined to do this since the lights work perfectly but my MoT is due next month and I am wondering if these failure messages will result in an MOT failure?

Your advice will be very much appreciated!!

Asked on 12 October 2021 by Rachael Fincham

Answered by Dan Powell
I do not think the car will fail the MoT, but this would probably be marked as a 'minor' defect as the headlamp ‘on’ switch is not operating correctly. I would suggest taking the car to an independent BMW MINI specialist who may be able to fix the problem at a much lower cost than the price the dealer is quoting.
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