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I have just clobbered a 69 mph speeding fine on the A303 not far from Exeter. I was overtaking a lorry - two lanes my side - single carriageway the other side - and didn't think other than that the limit was 70mph. Do you know if the A303 is defined as single carriage way throughout - and/or is this the general principle for 2 lane/sometimes three lane highways?

Asked on 21 November 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
To be defined as a dual carriageway there has to be a central reservation. I'm afraid you were in a ‘national speed limited’ 60mph section of the 303. They could make this plainer. But they chose not to and take the revenue from speeding fines. A GPS Tom Tom satnav speed trap warning system that shows prevailing limits and your true speed is the sensible way to combat this.
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