Is this the most surreal driving incident you've heard of?

Recenty I was driving around a roundabout and turned off it onto a dual carriageway that was separated from the other carriageway such that we could not see it. I was in the inside lane behind a large lorry and we were doing stop/start driving at walking pace, as was the traffic in the overtaking lane. The lorry in front of me started indicating to turn into the overtaking lane and as soon as I could see passed it. We had the surreal experience of the inside lane carriageway completely empty as far as the eye could see, with all the traffic stopped in the overtaking lane. There was no signage saying ‘move over’ let alone police, so I continued up the inside lane, on my own with no-one following for perhaps a mile until a ‘dutiful’ citizen decided to come halfway out of the overtaking lane, in order to block my progress. I stayed behind him as we inched our way slowly forward. After about 500 yards my ‘red flag’ man decided to move back into the overtaking lane and I swept passed, much to his annoyance.

I progressed unencumbered perhaps another mile before both I and my wife became too embarrassed/worried to continue and we slipped over into the overtaking lane. Here we snail pace continued until we passed the hold up which was, I think, a parked vehicle or the remains of an accident, which was blocking the inside lane.

Was I legally okay to do what I did?

Asked on 20 July 2018 by tuk585

Answered by Honest John
Absolutely right. I see less of the stupidity you describe nowadays, but it used to be common for idiot drivers to turn dual carriageways into single carriageways by all moving to the overtaking lane when they weren't actually overtaking. Completely legitimate to sail slowly past all of them as long as you keep your speed down, don't drive aggressively, and look out for left-hand indicators wanting to turn into the nearside lane. Definitely not on to pass them on the inside at more than the speed limit.
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