Can I stop during an average speed camera zone to reduce my average speed?

I recently bought a 2.0-litre Peugeot 206 and am delighted with its performance. I also own a 1955 Morris Minor. On a local section of dual carriageway there is an irritating average speed restriction of 50mph for 2.5 miles. It is even more irritating after 10.00 pm when, for at least a few hours, the whole stretch of road is all but deserted. The Morris Minor on this stretch of road, which is nearly all flat, can barely reach 50 mph even on a day with a good tailwind. The Peugeot, however, I find difficult to keep below 50mph and at this speed it takes me exactly three minutes.

With it being an average speed section, if just after the first camera I was to stop for two minutes, I could theoretically then travel the remaining 2.5 miles at an average of around 150mph to make an overall average of 50mph. Could I then be prosecuted for exceeding the national speed limit?

Asked on 6 September 2012 by DF, Aberdeen

Answered by Honest John
Yes you could still be prosecuted because you would still have committed an offence. People used to try this on French Autoroutes where they were timed from toll to toll. They would max the car to a service area, then have a meal or something, then max the car to the next toll and their average would still be below 130kmh. But, of course, the cops quickly got wise to this and put unmarked cars on the Autoroutes.
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