Will having my car serviced outside of the dealer network compromise the warranty?

My wife’s MINI is due for its two-year service. I would like to take it to my local garage, which has given us excellent care. However, am I going to compromise the warranty in the event of a problem in the next year? Your thoughts would be gratefully received. Thanks.

Asked on 15 June 2021 by Howard Hughes

Answered by Dan Powell
You're entitled to have your car serviced outside of the MINI dealer network. However, in order to maintain its manufacturer warranty, the garage must use MINI approved parts and fluids. They should also provide a detailed invoice that shows the car has been serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's standards.

It is also worth noting that servicing your car outside of the dealer network may result in it missing out on software updates, which are usually recommended by the manufacturer and applied by the dealer. You will also find that MINI UK and your local MINI dealer will be less inclined to contribute towards the cost of any out of warranty repairs if you service the car outside of the dealer network.
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