I put down a £350 deposit for a car that is now showing up as stolen and recovered. The garage I was buying it from is insisting that its check through HPI is clear and will not consider either reducing the price of the car or refunding my deposit. I carried out my check through This advertises that "only reports if a vehicle is stolen and recovered" and something about "this data can be withheld and certain companies do withhold this data". I have now spoken to who have advised that this is a common problem, they have access to other stolen car data that Experian and HPI do not use. Therefore they often show up stolen cars that do not appear as stolen on those two sources. Have you come across this before?

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Answered by Honest John
Stolen/recovered where the insurer has paid out in full for the car makes the car a Category D 'write off'. If the insurer didn't write it off
because the car was stolen then returned to the owner then that would not be recorded, just as repaired crash damage is not recorded. If the car was 'written off' by an insurer and they won't refund your £350, take the matter to the small claims track of the county court and tell them that is what you propose to do.
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