The garage didn't service my car properly before I bought it. What should I do now?

I bought a 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan two years ago. We have had snow today so it's the first bad road conditions since I bought the vehicle. The four-wheel-drive system doesn't work though! Upon checking the service book, it looked like the blades had never been checked for oil. The garage I bought the car from had performed the last two services. I've now found out that my garage has not kept to the service schedule and not changed the DSG gearbox oil or brake fluid. Both were beyond the manufacturer-recommended service dates. I asked why and was told they had no expertise on my make of car. What should I do?

Asked on 20 January 2021 by joe cullen

Answered by Georgia Petrie
The vehicle will be covered by the Consumer Rights Act 2015, so you can theoretically take action against the supplying dealer. The issue in these situations is usually proving that this was an issue before you purchased the vehicle, but it seems like you have proof with the unstamped service book. There will also be the issue of the wear and tear over the last two years of ownership, which may mean they don't pay you the full sum of what you paid if you successfully reject the car. You have legal rights for up to six years (five years if you bought the car in Scotland) after buying.

If you speak to the dealer and you feel like they're being unhelpful/not taking you seriously, I would advise contacting Citizen's Advice for some free legal advice. In fact, I'd recommend seeking some proper legal advice anyway as you're more likely to encounter issues with the gearbox and other components because of the missed servicing intervals.
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