Can you recommend a dash cam with quick file transfer speed?

Can you recommend a dash cam that can record inside and outside the car with a quick download time so I can view files quickly? My nextbase 412GW takes forever. Many thanks.

Asked on 3 December 2020 by C Godfrey

Answered by Georgia Petrie
I'd recommend a Nextbase in the newer range, a 322GW will be the cheapest - with a Cabin View rear-facing module add on to record inside:

The even cheaper 122 and 222 don't have GPS (for location data), WiFi for video transfer or the ability to connect extra camera modules (to my knowledge). If you're set on wanting quick downloads, I'd suggest you record in lower res (the higher the resolution, the larger the file and the longer the download speed). It's all about how well your WiFi or data is working, as well as the app, though.
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