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Can I stop my car pumping out blue smoke?

I've had a diesel 2011 Volkswagen Passat for four years. Around every 50- 60 miles, it will put out blue smoke - which I've been told is because it's doing a regeneration. But for the first 2 years I had the car, it never did anything like this. Is there a way to stop it? I was told to do a long run on the motorway, which I did, but it still does it.

Asked on 30 November 2020 by Bazz

Answered by Keith Moody
The first thing to do is to check the oil. Do this weekly on a flat surface when the engine is cold. Once you have some data, you'll be able to see how much oil is being used (you may need to check with your local Volkswagen specialist to find out what is deemed 'acceptable' in terms of oil use). If you're happy that there isn't an oil leak, then try using a diesel injector cleaner and/or some tanks of premium grade diesel. Failing that, it might be worth inspecting the exhaust gas recirculation valve.
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