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Our motorhome fault isn't covered as the warranty firm say it was a known issue before buying. What do we do?

I purchased a motorhome from a motorhome dealership in September 2020. I only drove it 133 miles before blue-black smoke curtailed our first outing. The garage has now discovered a broken glow plug in the engine (original) and 3 replaced. The warranty company say it had the fault prior to us buying the vehicle so it's not covered, but the dealership isn't taking responsibility. What do we do and what are our rights, please?

Asked on 18 June 2021 by wendy

Answered by Dan Powell
Ask the warranty company to put their rejection in writing. Forward a copy of this letter to the dealer with the instruction that you want the vehicle repaired as per your rights under the 2015 Consumer Rights Act You are entitled to a free repair, but the burden is on you to prove that the vehicle was faulty at the time of purchase. The letter from the warranty company assessment should be sufficient in this matter.

For your rights, see:

For further legal advice, we suggest reaching out to Citizen's Advice.
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