My newly-bought used car has a cracked alloy. What are my rights with the dealer?

I bought a used approved 2018 Mercedes E-Class from a Jaguar dealer. It's still under manufacturer warranty and I opted for year extended dealer warranty. The day I drove it away, warning messages appeared for too much engine oil and AdBlue needing to be topped up. This is after it has been MoT'd and serviced, then handed to me. I topped up the AdBlue but then the engine oil and a tyre pressure issue light showed. I got it looked at and an alloy wheel has cracked.

I informed the dealer and they agreed to fix the problems, but they are two hours away so ask me to take it to a local dealer. I do so reluctantly as I don't want to drive it with the broken alloy wheel and leave it with the Mercedes dealer. They fix the oil issue but can't source the alloy, so they also inform me that the car has 2 run flats and 2 non run flats. Mercedes expected me to drive the car away, but I refused and told them to find the alloy. I'm now without a car and it's coming up to a month of ownership. I've driven it less than two weeks. The car had 2 litres of engine oil removed and needed 10 litres of AdBlue topped up, as well as advisories on the tyres. I've been offered no car, compensation or any mention of new/correct set of tyres in the meantime.

I'm waiting on an alloy wheel update, what're my rights and what can I ask for? Really frustrated dealing with the dealers. Thank you.

Asked on 20 November 2020 by sudhir kumar

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Firstly, you were right to not drive the car with a mix of run-flats and standard tyres. That's potentially dangerous advice. Secondly, as for your rights, you can find them all here:

Your ideal situation will probably be getting the car repaired rather than trying to reject it, which you can legally do within the first 30 days of purchase. I'd be asking for a goodwill gesture, too, like a courtesy car, but there's no guarantee they'll give you that. The alloy won't be a goodwill gesture as you're entitled to have the car repaired so it's in 'satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and matches the description you were given'. Thing is, they're already trying to fix the car, so as annoying as it is - they're doing their part. I'd have a read of the 'Your rights in the first 30 days', 'Your rights: 30 days - 6 months' and 'What steps should you take if something goes wrong?' sections in the link I sent.

I would've expected these things to have been picked up during servicing, but bear in mind that rejecting a vehicle isn't an easy or cheap process, so it shouldn't be your first option. Covid is also slowing down a lot of things so you may find that they're in the process of sourcing the alloy.
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