I unknowingly bought a Cat S write off. How do I recover my costs?

I’ve bought a Cat S vehicle by accident as it wasn’t on the write off database and the HPI search was clear. I’ve spoken to the salvage yard and it was written off but never recorded as Cat S. The dealer is ignoring me. Is my only option to bring legal action to recover my costs?

Asked on 9 November 2020 by Michael Hudson

Answered by Georgia Petrie
You don't say when you bought the vehicle but you have a legal right to reject within 30 days. This is the short-term right to reject rule under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. I would ring Citizens Advice as soon as possible, but it all depends on when you bought the car. If you haven't already, you should send a physical letter by recorded post to the dealer's address as proof of complaint. Get some advice from CA and go from there. It may require a legal route, though.
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