My lease car is faulty - but no one will take responsibility?

I took out a contract lease on a new Ford Ranger. The vehicle broke down on delivery due to a variety of warning lights on the dash and was taken back to ford, in November 2016, since then I have personally had the AA out 3 times and its been back to Ford twice under my ownership with the same faults. I've only had the car a little over 6 months. Ford recognise there is a problem but currently cannot fix it. Ford Fleet won't speak to me as the lease company is named on the log book not me, however, the lease company have said issues with the vehicle are nothing to do with them. I'm currently paying out for a car with faults that no one is taking any responsibility for. What options, if any do I have?

Asked on 7 June 2017 by Chris Bennett

Answered by Honest John
These are your legal rights against the supplying dealer and the leasing company: However, if neither co-operate, enforcing your rights could result in a long, tedious, expensive and bloody battle through the full County Court. You need professional legal advice from a specialist solicitor. Links to some of them in the FAQ.
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