Our lease car was resprayed - why are the lease company charging us £700?

I have just returned a car at the end of the two year lease. While we had it, we had a non-fault accident and one side of the car had to be resprayed. The work was carried out by an approved body-shop and the paint finish appeared perfect. However, when the vehicle assessor carried out the end-of-contract inspection, he identified that the paintwork had some flaws - slight run mark, some dirt in the paint. Not noticeable to the untrained eye. The lease company are charging around £700 to repair and the body shop refuse to even consider any claim unless they can see the car to assess it. The car has probably already been resold so it wont be possible to get it back to the body shop, even if the lease company agreed. It feels like we're caught in the middle but it seems unfair that we should have to pay this fee.

Asked on 3 August 2018 by Mylo

Answered by Honest John
In that case, insist that the body shop that you want to sue for the £700 has the opportunity to inspect the car. If this is not possible, refuse to pay the £700 and demand that the leasing company takes the matter to Small Claims where you will demand that the evidence in the form of the car is presented.
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