I have an X-Trail, bought new in 2005, now 4 months out of warranty. It is very good and very economical (44mpg overall) and has covered 30,000 miles. Last week the turbo blew and Nissan has agreed to foot the full cost of replacement. I am told by my Nissan dealer that the replacement turbos have corrected a fault where tolerances on the turbo were too close. My query is this - could there have been any possible damage (or potential) damage to the engine etc caused by parts disintegrating and being sucked in? My worry is that 20k miles further on there may be a more serious failure and Nissan may well not want to know. Would I be wise to p/ex the car now?

Asked on 31 January 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Yes. It could have dumped a lot of oil in the intercooler and blocked it. That needs flushing out, or replacing if it can’t be.
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