My logbook has been 'lost' at the DVLA for months. What's going on?

I'm in the process of buying a Japanese import car. The seller has applied to the DVLA to obtain the V5 logbook but after weeks of waiting and weekly calls requesting an update: nothing! When the seller is able to get through to the DVLA, he is told the form should be sent out next week. Four weeks later, nothing still. The seller has 11 more logbooks at the DVLA, all 'lost in the system.' What is the point of allowing the car retail business to open if the DVLA can't cope with processing their paper work. Can't Boris authorise a temporary system so that sellers can trade using temporary plates and paperwork until the crisis is behind us?

Asked on 8 July 2020 by Paul K

Answered by Georgia Petrie
The DVLA has told us they're working through the backlog of applications (for licence renewals, logbooks etc) - but there's a huge pile to work through which built up during the skeleton staffing over lockdown. If it was sent in March/April time then it'll be processed soon - in theory. Those sent more recently will be the last to be processed. Unfortunately, we can't help beyond that though. They've not given us any further details or updates. You can see all the complaints we've received here:
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