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Why can't I get in contact with the DVLA about my V5C?

It is now 10 weeks since I bought my new car. It was taxed online at the dealers. The form for the V5C was sent off, I have the green part. I had brief contact with the DVLA over the phone as I want to transfer my personal plate onto the new car. I could not do it online as I did not have the V5C form. If they are not dealing with paper applications, i.e. V62 + my green slip when am I going to get the vital V5C form?

Asked on 4 May 2020 by Philip Clements

Answered by Georgia Petrie
We've reached out to the DVLA but, unfortunately, they haven't come back to us with a solution to this, plus a few other issues our readers have reported. The DVLA is - as you say - no longer taking paper applications, it's all online-only for now. Until they come back to us with some answers, I'm afraid we don't have any update on the situation.

You can read about the wider issue more here:
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