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The DVLA is keeping people's passports and documents. Please help.

The DVLA has kept my biometric residence permit (BRP) with them since 25 May! I am an ER doctor and I need my BRP urgently for my Visa application or else I will lose my job! I have sent them repeated emails, but all they say it’s in process. When you call them, an answering machine answers and drops the call. Keeping my original BRP for this long is unacceptable and disgraceful! People are literally begging them to return them their passports and BRPs on Twitter and Facebook. Does the DVLA have no shame or conscience? They are playing with people's lives. The DVLA should stop using the pandemic as an excuse and do their job! Who keeps people’s personal passports and BRPs in this day when the whole world scans and emails documents? I no longer need a license, I just want the DVLA to return my BRP. Kindly look into this matter urgently. People’s lives and careers are at stake.

Asked on 21 July 2020 by Sumaiyah

Answered by Georgia Petrie
I'm very sorry to hear about the trouble, though not surprised. I've seen and heard a lot of reports of passports and documents stuck or lost at the DVLA. We were on BBC Radio4 on Monday to discuss this very issue but unfortunately the DVLA has failed to respond to us multiple times during this ongoing situation. I've asked for an update from them so will come back to you if we hear anything back. Afraid we can't do more than that currently. I hope your passport comes back soon.
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