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Can I change runflats for standard tyres?

My 2017 BMW M240i still has its winter tyres on, but with lockdown easing I ought to get them changed. I'm not sure what summer tyres to choose - however - the winter tyres definitely make the ride a bit more comfortable, which I like. Do I have to stick with runflats or can I get a space-saver?

Asked on 18 June 2020 by

Answered by Andrew Brady
You can certainly swap your run-flat tyres for normal ones (and doing so would be a good thing for comfort), but a space-saver spare wheel will eat into luggage space. The best way around this is to buy a tyre-repair kit - they're not ideal, but are better than nothing if you get a puncture. As for tyres, we've no experience of the M240i on different tyre combinations ourselves, but we've heard good things about Michelin Pilot Super Sports.
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