Is there an insurer that will get me to the airport if I sustain a puncture on my way?

I have a three year old BMW 4 Series, 10,000 miles done and runflat tyres with no spare. I live in North Devon and often drive to Gatwick (240 miles, four hours) for a flight. If I sustain a puncture and a suitable replacement Pirelli 17-inch tyre cannot be found quickly, is there an insurance that will endeavour to complete my journey to the flight?

Asked on 31 March 2017 by Peter Morris

Answered by Honest John
A friend of mine returning from Spain punctured an RFT on the Spanish border and phoned me to ask what to do. I told him that though BMW advises no more than 50 miles, in fact RFTs have been driven more than 1000 miles with no pressure. My friend got back to the UK fine. So basically you're probably safe to get to the ends of your journeys. But the answer to your question, if you're worried about it then join the AA because they now carry modular emergency wheels to fit any car.
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