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I am advised that my Jaguar X-Type 2004 3-litre AWD will shortly need new tyres. Currently fitted are Pirellis 225/45zR/17/914 what do you recommend please? Would Cross Climates be advisable or would...
Is there a product that will help protect alloy wheels against kerbing damage?
I have been running Pirelli P7 runflats (225/55 R17 Y) on my BMW 5 Series for years. Is there now a runflat available which might give a less hard ride?
I saw you recently advised a driver to inform his insurance about replacing runflats with non runflats as a modification. What's your advice about my MINI Cooper with genuine replacement MINI steel wheels...
I have a three year old BMW 4 Series, 10,000 miles done and runflat tyres with no spare. I live in North Devon and often drive to Gatwick (240 miles, four hours) for a flight. If I sustain a puncture and...
I've got Michelin tyres on my 2012 Range Rover Autobiography 4.4. The tyres have done 22,000 miles and they're very noisy. What should I replace them with?
My daughter has a large Volkswagen 4x4 to tow a horse box. She had Continental tyres fitted and they have only lasted 4600 miles. Is this unusual?

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