If I have a puncture in a runflat tyre, do all four need replaced?

I check my tyre pressures each week and have discovered a very slow puncture on one of my BMW 320i front tyres. They are BMW-approved run flats. I know run flats are not meant to be repaired and I understand why. If this tyre has never been driven 'flat' (max 3 PSI under inflated), does that still hold true? Also, do I need to replace all four or just the front two?

Asked on 17 April 2020 by nudger

Answered by Keith Moody
None of the leading tyre retailers will repair a run flat tyre following a puncture. Most manufacturers advise against repairing run flat tyres. If the deflated tyre has been driven on, it could have compromised its strength, and it is impossible for a fitter to know if the tyre was driven on for longer/faster than recommended after a puncture. You'll be hard press to find any outfit that would repair. As for replacing four tyres or just two, it depends on how worn they are. The BMW Xdrive system can't cope with more than 2mm in tread depth between front and rear.
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