Are long new car wait times going to affect the used car market?

I have just been told by a Citroen main dealer that the lead time for a new C5 Aircross is going to be about nine months and - due to the shortage - prices will be high. It may be that manufacturers will try and control the stock availability, which could also affect the nearly new and used market as well. Is that right?

Asked on 11 June 2020 by Jonathan Richens

Answered by Georgia Petrie
That's right. We recently contacted a number of dealers, posing as a car buyer, in order to find out what wait times were looking like. One SEAT showroom said they were not taking any orders for new factory cars until further notice, while another admitted that customers would face delays of up to five months for a new factory-built Ibiza.

Ford is currently quoting a 22-week lead time for a factory ordered Focus and 18-weeks for a new Fiesta. It's a six-month wait for a new Golf. You can read more about this here:

The choice is essentially to wait for a factory-built car or buy from stock that was already here before lockdown began in March. However, that means you could see savings on pre-reg models that've been depreciating in that time. Pre-registered cars are effectively surplus stock, sold cheaply to dealers who then register them before selling them on as ‘ex-demo’ or ‘delivery mileage’. You can see some examples of a C5 Aircross (with less than 1000 miles, and less than a year old) here:

Used car prices are also falling and are predicted to continue doing so for a while, according to the experts we spoke to:
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