Which dash cam is best for me?

I want to buy a dash cam suitable to switch between cars, including use in two classics - which have smaller windscreens - so size is a consideration. This is new technology for me but I want GPS and easy ability to download. Can you advise, please? Budget is £150.

Asked on 9 June 2020 by Harrovian

Answered by Georgia Petrie
I think either the Garmin Mini, the Garmin 46 or 56 would be best for you. The Garmin Mini is smaller because it doesn't have a screen, but we don't rate it as highly as other dash cams. To move any of these options between cars, you'll need to buy a suction mount because the dash cams come with adhesive/magnetic mounts which won't work for moving between cars. You can read our review of the Mini here: kit.honestjohn.co.uk/reviews/review-garmin-mini/

You can find that mount here: amzn.to/2BRft23

Onto the cameras themselves, all three options are small and good quality. The 46 has lower quality resolution than the 56 but I think 1080P will be fine, unless you really want high-res footage (1440P). And you'll need to buy a microSD card for the footage to save onto (amzn.to/37mmCTF). The Garmin Mini dash cam also doesn't offer GPS, but the others do.

Garmin 46: amzn.to/2AknsnJ

Garmin 56: amzn.to/2YwSpxp
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