Was I missold a car because it's not getting the mpg I was told?

What do the WLTP phases mean in real terms? Is the extra high phase just motorway driving? Basically, I bought a new Hyundai Kona 1.6 hybrid as I wanted an economical car. I was told I'd get over 50mpg on the motorway. I drive 120 miles a day for work, and 105 of that is motorway driving so as an overall average i would expect 50+mpg, however, I'm getting 46mpg at best. I'm trying to get Hyundai to take the car back as it was missold, but I cannot do that without knowing if the extra high phase mpg figure is for the motorway.

Asked on 22 May 2020 by Dom Flood

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Car manufacturers publish figures based on official WLTP fuel economy tests, but real life driving usually offers lower (sometimes significantly lower) fuel economy figures. For high mileage motorway drivers, like yourself, diesels are usually a better buy. Hybrid vehicles offer good fuel economy for mixed driving as they regenerate battery power at low speeds, like around town. You can check our Real MPG stats here for most models: www.honestjohn.co.uk/real-mpg/

Our understanding is that Extra High Phase means motorway-like driving at a max of 81mph. However, saying that, I'm not sure you'll have much luck with Hyundai as having missold you the vehicle - especially if you don't have a record (like an email) of an employee telling you explicitly that the car you bought would get 50mpg on the motorway. Although, it's worth a try. What you could also try is using more premium fuel - like Shell or BP rather than supermarket fuel. We get reports from some readers that this improves fuel economy.
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