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Can you recommend a product to prevent catalytic converter theft?

I recently had the catalytic converter stolen off of my Honda CR-V. I've looked for an anti-theft locking device to put on the replacement system but can only find devices suited for vans or Toyotas. Any suggestions of a product?

Asked on 14 May 2020 by LESLIE powell

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Sorry to hear that it got stolen. We've put together this Top 10 to offer some advice about preventing the theft of cat converters, which includes the Cat Clamp at number 8:

The CatClamp, as the name suggests, 'clamps' to the exhaust pipes, allowing different sized and shaped converters to be protected. Locked to the vehicle’s chassis up to seven times, it makes stealing your catalytic converter very difficult for a thief in a hurry. Three options are available, starting at £99 (CatClampEconomy) and topping out at £350 for the CatClamp MAXX³. More details and buying options can be found on the CatClamp website - however - we haven't personally tested the device ourselves.
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