Am I owed a refund after repeated issues with my new car?

I picked up a 2019 Audi A4 Avant in January this year. On day one, an oil light flashed up. I took it back to the dealer, got the oil topped up, they were very sorry - blah blah blah. Day 2: a very bad noise and vibration at motorway speeds. I contacted the dealership again, but can’t get looked at for three weeks with no other option given. They replaced a misshaped part and sent me on my way. I got to motorway speeds again and the same noise and vibration persisted. I spend the rest of the day discussing with the dealership what they were going to do. A week later they email me to tell me that the wheel bearing needed replacing and a the taillight, which was picked up by me on the test drive before buying the car.

I’m clearly not happy with how the car has been serviced and prepared by the dealership and have lost all faith in the car. I’ve asked for the car to be taken back and a full refund given but they have refused. Instead, I’ve been offered one month payment. I expected top level service from a premium brand and got the equivalent experience you get from a back street chop shop. I have repeatedly asked the sales manager and head of business to refund me. What are my consumer rights?

Asked on 3 May 2020 by Jim Dobbin

Answered by Dan Powell
This is shoddy service. You should have rejected the car when the vibration and noise started on day two - the 2015 Consumer Rights Act theoretically gives you the statutory right to reject a new or used car (or anything else) within 30 days of purchase if any fault is found.

Now that the 30 day timeframe has passed, you legally have to give the dealer the opportunity to fix the problem and put this right. If they are unable to do so then you may have grounds to reject it. But you cannot demand a full refund because you have lost faith in the vehicle. For your consumer rights, see:
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